Our prices are very competitive.
​We charge $80 (for the first 3 hours, minimum booking required) and then $25/hr for all extra hour.
Please inform us in advance if you want us to clean inside of fridge and stove oven. Extra time needed.
(Please note that for hygienic reasons we don't bring our own vacuum cleaner and mop/bucket and cleaning rags.)


To book your cleaning please fill out the form or call us at  514 949 4819,

514 616 4819

Cancellation & Lock-Out Fee

We understand that sometimes things happen beyond our control. We require at least 48 hours cancellation notice prior to a scheduled cleaning. There is a $40  late cancellation fee for canceling or rescheduling a booking in less than 24 hours before the visit. The same fee applies if we are unable to gain access to your home.


1) You simply pick and choose the number of labor hours you would like to order for your home.

2) Pick and choose which tasks you would like us to complete and place them in order of priority and to what level of detail you would like them done to (keep in mind on how many hours you have ordered). Or simply book the minimum 3 hours and we will do an overall thorough cleaning of your apartment (dusting, vacuum and mop floors including kitchen and bathroom).


3) What does labor hours mean? 

Lets say you order 6 hours of labor time.  This means you may get 1 maid for 6 hours, or you could have 2 maids for 3 hours. It all depends on our schedule for that day.

We bring all our cleaning products and use only Eco-friendly products.

Receipts available for office cleanings.